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RAACHE CHOIRS - 2015 signup

RAACHE Homeschool Choirs Information

Our concerts are intended for all ages, and we welcome you all to attend. Consider bringing a child or young adult along to introduce him or her to the different choral offerings of each concert. Concert dates (Nov, Feb, April) will be posted on the RAACHE calendar.

Each November and April we enjoy sharing our music at local nursing homes and retirement communities, and in May Arioso and Cantabile "go on tour" to several such places. We are also available to sing at other events during the year, so keep us in mind if you are ever in need of music.

Contact Suzy Johnson at suzyj999@gmail.com or 507-356-8248.

Registration materials for 2014 were already mailed to all current RAACHE members. If you would like to get on the choir email list, and were not in choir this past year, you will need to send an email request to susankludtke@frontiernet.net (Susan Kludtke).