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Contact a local high school in early September and let them know you have a home school student interested in taking the PSAT in October at their school. The counseling office will provide all necessary information. The test is given to both sophomore and junior status students on a Wednesday in mid-October every year. Because there is a minimal fee of about $15 and parent signatures may be required, it is important to initiate all paperwork early in September. On test day arrive by 7:35, report to the office, and get directions as per the room in which the student will be placed to take the test. Students should bring a calculator, number 2 pencils, a picture identification, and small snack. Know the home school code for the PSAT (992499 in MN) as this will allow scores to be sent directly to your home or SAT account rather than to the local high school. 


As of spring 2016, the SAT and ACT have become similar tests. In the past, the ACT tested acquired knowledge and the SAT tested applied knowledge. Some students fare better on one test compared to the other. Consider taking both at least once to determine if this is true for your student. Some colleges and universities require one or the other so it may be helpful to know your intended post-secondary institutions requirements when deciding between the two tests. All registration is done online and both tests cost around $50 per registration.  The ACT may be taken up to 10 times and the SAT is unlimited; generally students are encouraged to take a test at least twice. Both are taken on a Saturday morning beginning around 8 a.m. and last until about 12:00 or 12:30 p.m. depending on if you choose the written essay portion or not. The ACT registration link is  and the SAT registration link is


High school students are eligible to take college coursework  with this option. Academic requirements of gpa must be met and placement testing occurs prior to registering for class or an ACT/SAT score must be submitted. Many colleges offer online or onsite classes. The board would like to remind parents to prayerfully consider this option; it is not the best choice for all students or families. The following links might be helpful as a parent or student is considering this option:

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