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“As home schoolers, we need each other. 
We need to be connected to the lives of others, especially with those who have things in common with us. God made us not only to depend on him but also to rely on each other... The support that we receive from each other is invaluable.

— J. Michael Smith, President of Home School Legal Defense Association


You may be apart of another home school group such as as Classical Conversations, Charlotte Mason, Scholé, Unschooling, or a specific co-op. These groups are rooted in teaching philosophies which guide curriculum choices and approaches to home education. RAACHE does not endorse specific teaching styles or individuals. We do suggest opportunities for learning which have a Biblical foundation or which might enhance your teaching.  You choose which activities or opportunities are best for you and your family. In other words, RAACHE is not a group providing a philosophical approach which separates us from one another; RAACHE is the overarching group which unites us in resources, fellowship, and purpose based on faith. 

To this end, RAACHE is the local watchdog for home school legal issues, the area clearing house for information, the community for extracurricular activities like choir and sports, the provider of support for all sorts and styles of academic pursuits, and a place of encouragement in this endeavor to which we have been called. Our goal is to unite and build up the people who make up our membership based on our biblical worldview. RAACHE is the common ground or core group which brings us all together, puts us in touch with each other, and helps provide the big picture of home schooling in the Rochester area.


The cost of annual membership is currently $35 per family. Memberships run September 1 to August 31 each year. 

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